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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

   Blank Minds SUCK!
Mood: Tired/ Annoyed
Time: 9:41 A.M.
I still haven't gone to school, Mit had to go to work yesterday, so she couldnt take me at 12, *thats when the papers get faxed* so she dropped me off at Papa Jerry's and went to work. The papers never got faxed so I stayed bored out of my mind here at Papa Jerry's till' 5. We watched TV and I saw my great grandfather. He was cool, IU haven't seen him since I was 6 years old. And then we just chilled at the house. And then today we did the same routine, cause the papers were never faxed. Oh, and our lawyer is a midget *no offense to you midgets out there*. And I told Mitzy *muh step mom* "Man that guy is shorter than me so I'll kick his skimpy lil' butt if I have to" and we got a laugh out of it. but anyways, I don't think I'm going to school again today, I highly doubt it. But I want my flute! I can't live without it! *Mourns*So I am bored out of my mind, I think somethings wrong with Papa Jerry's computer. I was gonna comment on a site and it said I wasn't nlogged ion when I was, it sucked! So I might not be able to comment till' I get home. Or after school. But anyways... I am so bored! I think I am gonna take a nap.... but if I do that then noone in this house will be awake and if that happens and Mitzy calls us and I have to go to school then her and Dad willo be really ticked off...Well anyways, I'm gonna go "try" and comment on other ppl's sights, ttyl guys!

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