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Thursday, October 27, 2005

   I Won!
Mood: Happy/ Tired
Time:7:36 P.M.
Well, I officially live with my dad now! I moved in yesterday and thats why I couldn't post. Well, today was awesome! My school said that I couldn't go in like I did last week or the week before with out papers, and our attourney has our papers so we told him to fax and he can't until Monday, so no school for me! And I went to work with dad today, he's a truck driver, he works for a propane company called Dynegy. Well he loads and unloads propane in different states and towns and stuff, but its illegal for him to bring someone in his truck so I had to lay down in the sleeper *a bed that all truck drivers sleep in when they sleep overnight. Located behind the passenger and drivers' seat* But we drove to Arkansas today, we ate Burger King, and then we stopped by a house that we are going to move into... I liked it except the floors were blue, an ugly shade but other than that my room is a purpleish-pink, so I'm good on that deal. Well... how has everyone been doing? Good, I hope! Well, I'm gonna comment now so see ya'll later!

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