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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mood: Tired/ Bored
Time:3:01 A.M.
I'm chillin' with Matt right now it turns out we didn't go to the mall, we just chilled at Em's house... Well she's asleep, and I'm tired as hell and exetremeley bored... therefore I'mjust gonna comment on sites now and look up some HTML codes... so... I painted my nails black today, even though I'm not gothic I just think it looks cool... well.... I'm moving in with my dad wednesday I was gonna ask him if I could stay for the 6 weeks but I never got around to it and it turns out that we have to go to court wednesday so... It sucks Matt was really depressed... Man, I've been hanging over at Emily's like every weekend... I just now noticed that... I must be really tired... I did some bible studying a minute ago from sheer boredom... This is the boredest I've been in a long time its not fun... well... I'm just gonna go look up those HTML codes I might not post till' wednesday, cause thats when my dad picks me up and I'm not really allowed to get on the computer at my moms so I sumtimes sneak in at midnight and get on which I will probably do tonight...well.....so, see ya!

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