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Konichiwa, mina-san! Watashi no namae wa Tsuruko desu. Hajimemashite. Dozo yoroshiku.(Sry..my japanese is not so good)

Okay, a little bit about myself :
My real name is Evelyn Chan. I'm from Malaysia & I'm Chinese. My fave anime is Naruto. The first anime I watched was Sailormoon (not knowing it was anime at first). Then I watched Doraemon & my cousins introduced Pokemon & Digimon. Well, for drawing I was inspired by Takahashi Rumiko who drew Ranma 1/2, when I was 13. After a few months, I gave up & about half a year later, I was inspired by Naruto(never giving up). I started drawing again. I draw less now as I have no time with a lot of homework to do.(T-T)

One more thing is...I'm hardly online as I haven't got an internet connection. So, I hope that the friends I get to know here will not forget me. I'll try to get online as much as I can!

That's all!(^-^)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Hehe...Today Im going back to my hometown an celebrate Chinese New Year there. There will be firecrackers, Lion dance, and a lot of 'ang pou' to get! 'ang pou' are money in red packets given by our relatives that are already married. I guess I'm gonna have fun this Chinese New Year but it's too bad that my homework have to tag along. Very Happy...(>v<) See you all soon...I hope lah.

To anyone who is Chinese...Happy Chinese New Year!!

Sry for this may not be a good message...or a boring one...

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Today, I'm going home. back to KL! That also means...no more internet until I get my connection at home.(T-T) Anyway, I hope you all won't stop commenting on my artworks.

I just cut my hair today. It sure is so much shorter than usual but I like it. I got it cut at a barber shop for the first time this year. Usually my mum cuts it for me. At first it was just for experimenting and now my mum can cut real good. Well, I hope I can be back soon! Hope you all read my story about my Naruto oc too!(Tsuruko)

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