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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ouch.. I have sunburn. T^T We went to stay at our friend's beach house with them, since ours is being rented out. We only stayed one night, so only one beach day. But it was HOT and I got really bad sunburn. T^T I don't usually burn, so I don't wear sunscreen, but this medicine I take makes me more sensitive to the sun. *cry*

I had fun anyway, tho. XD

There's an anime con I wanna go to... Tigercon. If you live anywhere near Towson (where it's gonna be), I command you to go. XD It's on... September 26, I think. I wanna make a costume. >w<

Today my mom and I went to exercise... I was so happy that I was actually motivated to go!! XD My mom wanted to blow it off.

I should do my summer reading... >.< It's Song of Solomon. I don't like it... ._. Fortunately, the school-wide summer reading is a graphic novel!! XD Yay!!

OH guess what!! On our way home from the gym, my dad called and wanted diet green tea, so we stopped at Wawa to get some. We needed gas anyway. So when I went to get it while my mom got gas, I couldn't find the money in my mom's purse... so I ran out and she showed me where it was. But when I went back in, the lady in line behind me had paid for the tea!! I offered to pay her back, but she refused!! How sweet is that?? There ARE good people in this world!! *sniffle*

This exercise-and-meal-plan thing I signed up for (ActivTrax) is pretty cool... but it doesn't give me very many daily calories. D: Only 1150-1250 daily. I'm pretty sure teenagers need at least 2000... but then my mom said not if you want to lose weight. >,> Which I kinda do... ^^;

Umm... the lady who's making my Riku plushie said it should ship by Monday!! >w< I'm excited!! Her name's Cali. Her site is www.hello-neko.com. Or www.helloneko.etsy.com. Or cali@hello-neko.com

Bye-byyyyeez!! *huggles*

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Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm watching Moulin Rouge. It's an AWESOME movie. >w< It's not over, but I can tell it will have a sad ending... T^T Best line ever: "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return."

Yesterday, my brother and I went to the library. I got The Hobbit, Song of Solomon (school reading book), both KH: CoM manga, and Moulin Rouge DVD. I also got some CDs-- Moulin Rouge soundtrack, Oliver! soundtrack, Venus Doom (H.I.M.), One X (Three Days Grace).

My library has a coffee machine!!!! OwO For $0.90, I got a 12-oz cafe mocha. It was actually really good. >w<

Okay, Moulin Rouge is making me cry right now. T_T Poor Christian, Poor Satine... *sniffle*

(Ewan McGregor is cute. x3 He plays Christian.)

Today my mom signed me up for our local Arena Club. They have this thing where you track your food and exercise online and I signed up for that. It's cool! It'll help me be healthy. I reeeeaally need that. >,> Not that I'm fat or anything. I just need to get in better shape.


Okay, I'm gonna go before I continue to cry all over my gosh darn keyboard.

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm back from Virginia! :3 I'd brought my laptop in case I could mooch off their internet, but apparently I couldn't. XD It was a lot of fun, though!! My uncle (not really... he's my mom's cousin, so I think that makes him my first cousin once removed... maybe? but I call him uncle.) took us out on his boat, and it was so much fun!! >w< I got a bit of a tan, but now I have a sunglasses tan and a flip-flop tan. XD Ah well, it's not that bad.

There was this one girl, though, that REALLY got on my nerves. >.< She's not related to us. She's one of my second cousin's friend. She was a brat. She was so mean to my brother and the only male cousin that was there!! D: Mostly my brother. EVERYTHING he did was wrong, apparently. He went up to the front of the boat and she said "Justin, you can't do that! Get down, stupid!" -.- Did I mention she's several years younger than him? Besides, he wasn't doing anything wrong. It was like that all the three days we were there! Once, when we were at a sort of party thing the second night, my brother got a chocolate cream puff thingy when it wasn't dessert time. And the girl started shouting at him "You can't have one of those!! It's not time for dessert!!" And when it was dessert time and I got a chocolate cream puff thingy, she said to me "You can't have one of those!! You already had one!!" AARRRRGGH. D<

*sigh* Okay, I could go on all day, but I think that's enough negativity for now. :)

Ummm...I need to go to the library today and get my summer reading book. I have the school-wide one, but I need the one for English. The school-wide one is a graphic novel!! X3

Oh, have any of you ever heard of the Ministry of Magic or the Parselmouths?? o: They do Harry Potter themed songs. I like 'em lots. :3 My favorite is My Obsession. >w< (Who knew Voldemort could sing? XD) I'm currently listening to Snape vs. Snape. XD

I wants my Riku plushiiiieee.... I hope it arrives soooooon. >w<

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Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm going to visit some various cousins of mine tomorrow. :3 They're my mom's aunts and uncles and cousins, and her cousin's children... so my second cousins. *nods* We visited them a couple months ago for my great aunt's birthday party, and we had so much fun!! They live in the middle of NOWHERE, but right on the water. The oldest of my generation is two months older than me, and teh youngest is... 6? Maybe. I dunno. -w- XD

But yeah... lotsa fun, so I'm excited. >w< Also, in a few weeks I get to babysit my baby cousins!! The girl's 2, and the boy's several months old. They're so gosh darn cute. x3

Ummm... the lady who's doing my Riku plushie sent me a prelim sketch yesterday, so it should be in soon. 8D *ish excited* >w< I can't waaaait to get it.

Oh, did I ever say that I finally got contacts?? 8D After 3 appointments, the fourth was finally successful!! XD

Bye-byes! *huggles*

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