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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Whats up with him?
Its me again! Back with more love problems...

So i confess to this guy that i like him...i really like him...i want to be with him soo muchie! after i confessed to him he said to me that he hopes that i would understand him..what does that mean..? ohohoh! i know! [b]REJECTED![/b]

After he rejected me, i started to like him as a friend...but now hes acting all different around me... hes always showing off infront of me..talking to me in class every minute..pass me notes during class always saying <3...he isn't the type of boy that jokes around with love..he likes you he likes you..he hates you he hates you..he loves you he loves you..but hes acting all weird lately..is he pitying me?

one time, i forgot my lunch..(before i confessed) i sat infront of him and he knows i have no lunch but he just stares at me acting all innocent..
Now (after rejection) i forgot my lunch AGAIN..i was reading and i knew he would act like he didn't know i didn't have my lunch..but NOOOO he asked me if i want some rice..and i'm like no thank you..he scooped up a spoon full of rice and shoved it in my mouth!!!!! he used the spoon to eat too!! EWWWW! NASTY! SHARING SALIVA!!!!!! i gave him a disgusted look and he just smiled his goofy smile..

ohohoh! i was getting my water bottle on my desk he acted like he didn't know that, that water bottle was mine and he was reaching for it too..but luckily i grabbed it first BUT he had to hold my hand..so i let go of the water bottle but he wouldn't let go of my hand...he started blushing like crazy..shouldn't i be the one blushing instead of him...?

Seriously i need you guys to help me..! What is up with him! Is he like pitying me? Or does he really like me?


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Oh my goshie!
I just noticed how long i haven't been posting...
Anyways, I'm back!!!!!!!!!
Hope you guys misssssssssed me!

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Friday, February 3, 2006

Declare your love for someone here !!!
Delcare who you love here~ I love Tim~ who do you love?
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Monday, January 16, 2006

   Could this be happening...
could this be truly happening...me and my crush...me...actually starting to hate him..and he..starting to lie to me..maybe i don't like him anymore? help me pleaseeeeee...=( =( =(
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