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I'm known as Miburou on this website, but feel free to call me Mibbie. My character has blue hair && red eyes. I'm an Otaku, just like yourself. I like anything from Boyish action to Girly shite when it comes to anime//manga. I'm a Teenage Suicide Survivor. It'd be wise not to ask questions. I work part-time, and in my spare-time, I'm either sleeping or playing my guitar. If you're attending Anime Boston, then please notify me; I live in New England, after all, so I'll be there. I love kawaii things, I admit, THAT is my weakness. I have a fear of leaving my house. I forget what that's called, but I have it. I'm pretty nice when I want to be, but other than that, watch your fucking back. I'm here for one reason, really. To tell you about my life. Comment when I ask && maybe I'll do the same. :] If you're that curious about me, then all you have to do is send me hatemail. Kthx.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

I've been gone for a while now, haven't I? I'm really sorry. . I didn't mean to worry all of you so much. I admit, I've been suffering pretty bad. But I'm getting better. I think. I still have those thoughts. . if you get what I mean. But just as long as I have someone around to bitch-slap me, I'll be fine. Joking. I have a new love interest now. :3! But I can't forget about my ex-boyfriend. Not in a romantic way, but I want. . in some freakiie way: revenge. Does that sound stupid? Because knowing me and all, I could pull it off. It would result in death, however. Ugh. . moving on, I've decided to start writing again. But I have writers block. T//T There's really not much I have to say right now. I'll post again soon. I'll also be working on this lame excuse for a profile of mine. Later.
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