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Sunday, October 8, 2006

yay! it's my first time updating at 1am!! yay!!

nothing fun happened in school lately. boring ol' me.

I read a book called Twilight by stephany meyers. it's really good! it's like a darkish type of romance mixed with suspense and...maybe...mystery?..well whatever, it's really good. i strongly advise u to read it! ^^

ok, random questions:
1. what type of shampoo do u use?
2. what's ur favorite holiday? y?
3. how do u feel about...singing?

1. paul mitchell...or something like that...
2. valentine's day!! cuz i love anything romantic!
3. i'd rather be dead...

after random questions, follows a random quiz:

Why do you kill? Girls only. (Kool Pictures And Detailed Results)

You kill As A Result of Passion.
Being a very passsionate being, you kill on an impluse and probably regret it because it was someone near and dear to you.

Personality: Firey, Passionate, Emotional
Weapon: Whatever was closest and most capable at the time.
Expression/Action: Sad eyes, or a guilty depressed look down
Most Common Feeling: Regret

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ps. does anyone know a good doll-dressup website that i can go to?...the one i'm looking for starts with a "e"

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