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Hello, and welcome to my site.

Warning: I am never on myOtaku anymore. So just beware that if you comment on something, it might take me years to get back to you xD

But feel free to snoop through any of my stuff if you'd like. All my dirt is out there, so eh.

Have a good life out there!


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

   I did NOT forget you all.
Really, I didn't!

Well, how long has it been? A year? Two years? Wow.
Although I doubt any of you will read this, I'll be glad to let you to know that my life is going very smoothly. Good relations, good grades, good life overall.
I'm a bit short on time, so I'll just give you all some advice...

Message to my girls: Don't get pregnant
Message to my boys: Don't get a girl pregnant

Haha, just kidding :)
Let's get real here.
To Everyone: Be happy, be loving, and be awesome.
Life's just too short for you to be the opposite.

Oh, and here's an early Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas to you all ^.^'

Mew <3

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

   guess who's back? ^___^
Hey everyone! Just to let you know, I'm not quitting myO yet lol I'm sorry for not posting for over a month. I've been super busy, but even so, keep those pms coming!! ^^ I check it regularily and would hate it if you all forgot about me or even thought I no longer exists. T.T

Valentine's Day is almost here. YAY! It's my FAVORITE holiday of the year, I've been waiting FOREVER for next Wednesday!! I've delivered a chocolate rose to my crush teeheehee...I just hope he likes it! ^^

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Monday, January 1, 2007

hey everyone!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!! so anyone have any new year's resolutions they wanna share? i plan to...er...do my hw everyday at home (i always do them in first period spanish XD).
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Monday, December 25, 2006

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YAY!! Merry Christmas everyone!! ^_____^

1. u may or may not know this, but i'll ask anyways: What did u get for Christmas? =D
2. should u be allowed to commit suicide?

my answer:
1. 8 lip glosses, dog plushie, 6 sticks of gum, purse, pillow, cloud strife collage (lol), 2 tree ornaments, 2 earrings, and also getting the new windows vista computer later in january (as a late present lol XD)
2. well, yea, i mean it's really your choice whether to end your life or not...even if it can cause misery to your loved ones. but still: your life, your death...

Aaand here's just a little something I did...


Discover Your Sins - Click Here

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

   Hey look!
Hey everyone!! guess what? IT'S MY BIRTHDAY TODAY!!!!! ^^ *squeals* now i just hope my parents don't hit me like a gazillion times or anything xD

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