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Thursday, August 14, 2008

|School Rumble|No Corner Stone|

Ello =D I posted in the smae month 4 times~! xD Yay~! It's a a new record, lol.

School Stuff
I'm just posting to say hi 8D and whatnot. Just let you know I'm alive, etc., etc. At the moment at my mom's school registration (she works as a teacher's aid). There's not much going on O_o; There's close to no people here. I guess this the last day sooo... =o=

I can't believe I got up this early...

And Ryozu Miazaki (here on otaku) is going to her first day of school today and so is my cousin cen. D: I still have a whole week left >_>; since I go to a different school (sometimes I wonder why some people ask me why we go to different schools. Long story,short, my mom wanted me to try to get into a college prep school and I got in, and I actually kind of enjoy it *cough*). So, I pretty much have nothing to do while they go off to school until I start.

Since the school I go to is very diverse in where people come from (like, different cities in the area and some even come from a close by state)I have friends there that aren't even 10 minutes away at least =___='' So, I really don't get to hang out with them unless it's a sport or during class. Since my cell phone got run over by a car...(don't ask...) I lost everyone's numbers and couldn't call them all summer, which kind of sucks. "Hey, sorry I didn't call, my phone got ran over 8D"


(No Corner Stone today >_>; *iz lazy and doesn't feel like it)

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