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Hey there everyone! My name is Mew Ichigo557 and welcome to my site.Two of my least recent sites had been hacked so i made two new ones. This one and Yuki Dreamer.There are a few rules here:
1)You may take the avatars i have shown only if u specify and you HAVE TO PM me first
2)Kyo-kun,Shii-chan(Shigure-chan),and Yuki-kun are MINE!
3)make sure to sign my guestbook and ill get back to you as soon as i can.if it has been more than 2 days than PM me saying i didnt get to you.
4)Stealing my characters WILL BE CAUSED INTO PENALTY!
5)PM if i kinda scared you ._.
6)all these rules are held against you!
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

   Im leaving!Or am I?
I am SOOOOOOOOOO sorry everyone.Im not gonna be on in like ever.I've found a new site enjoy and its called IMEEM.com My user name is mewichigo557 like on here but if you have to search it my name is Blossom Neko Floral.Im sorry everyone.Yuki Dreamer and Mew Ichigo557 has left.Ill check back to you eventually and my messages while probably be backing up but please dont miss me.

*I might be on every once in awhile so you have to guess your timing just right to catch me.^_~Sorry everyone.If you get time to talk to me on Imeem (which I hope you will) please talk to me.I have so much fun on there.I already have two groups(i left one) and i have over 99 friends.Im in over 100 groups and Im working on an Imeem family(right now i have an owner,mom,best friend,and a sis)So when you get the chance to sign up and stuff,mail me.^_~
~*So am I leaving? Or am I staying?*~

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