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Are you ready?
Ready for the end...
Take thy hand and let me guide you. Do not fear it isnt over yet.
Take thy hand and let me guide you,
Through withheld suffering and doubt.
Look into these eyes that bind you,
Read you from the inside out.
Donít understand why youíre crying,
Look into the mirror everyday.
And every time it denies you,
For what you ask for's too far away.
perfection denied, you. This times just not worth it, so let it go, take my hand I'll help you understand.
What we are afters not possible.
Unstoppable, for what we
think, can never be. Look into the eyes of the beholder only that, which is what it seems.
Not every thing is useless, not worth it. So donít be ashamed to be.
Perfection denied you; this times not worth it so take my hand donít force it, let it go, and see where it leads.

I-"Its not over untill I say its over!"
U-"When might that be?"
I-"When I have slaughtered you!"

...Say your prayers before you tuck yourself in at night.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

   Sorry guys
Hey Sorry, but Ive been on myspace lately, havnt forgotten about you... just been caught up...


been rpging on it haha

Dont know how long I can keep up all of these site things... So I might be leaving the Otaku! Im sorry!





E-mails are-


Stay in touch?!

: ( Im so SORRY guys But Im craziezed by all of these sites. : ( LUVS!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

   Watch them dance
Nothin. lol
2 more days of school ya know! YAY FOR US... then we have 1 week off. lool
I wrote a poem and I need an explination for it so people would understand if they dont get symbolism lol: parenthesis are the explination:

Watch them dance
(People and their every day lifes)
Watch them dance beneath red skies
(people's lives and tradgeties)
The fools
(our mistakes and bad ways of dealing with things)
Watch the clowns
(we are amusing to others)
As they sing a little melody
(refers to every thing we say and the stories our lives end up in)
We call this confusion
(No one understanding each other fully)
...boys and girls...
(every one)
Hush little child do not cry
(Troubles at a young age, and troubles right now, we need to learn to slightly get over things)
Lets just sing a rock a bye
(how people get over their problems varies in their dealings)
Bye bye
(face it, we all die eventually)
Dance with me
(Im human too, and I do things like every one else live my life)
Take my hand
(you're not alone)
The jester of this wonderland
(This is my world to and Its amusing)
As we watch them all
(look at us and out little messes we make)
The lonely little people
(every one feels like they need some one)
They dance beyond the cemetary gates
(Do we ever get our acts together before we die?)
Lifeless little dollies
(we do what others tell us)
Day to day
(routine duh lol)
Watch them dance
(Watch us all walking around ect ect. like before)
Dance beneath red skies
(read befores description)
As they sing a little melody
(description before)
Known as confusion
(lets face it... no one gets it)

Thats how my mind works
It puts words together
and then it makes an explination
so it makes sence
I know what Im saying
but no one else does
So I like my writing
Its very deep.

Love it lol

love you all bye bye for now

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Are ya ready for this?
Its just a jump to the left
another step to the ri-igh-ight
then place yoru hands on your hips
and bring your knees in ti-igh-ight
blah blah
*does the dance*

I have a dance today...
and I cant talk much.

But thanks for visiting still my friends ^___^

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