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Thursday, July 7, 2005

   no longer
hhhmmm wont be blogging here much.. or any longer..
Refer to my blog at:
but still accepting friends and will visit your site if you sign guestbook :D i will check this place from time to time
Jaa ne~

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

  anyone has this song SHIHOUKA (偲芳歌 ) from twelve kingdoms ??? please pass to me.. by yousendit. or MSN.. i cant find the OST anywhere!! sobbb..........
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Friday, January 21, 2005

  pheww.. so tired.. today's my off day, so met up with friends and went shopping.. wwhee.. being a public holiday (hari raya) the streets were crowded.. the heat is unbearable, we hid in the mall to cool off.. went to Far East and Bugis. sigh..spent alot today.. heart pain LOL, bought an adorable animal Square shirt, the Katchup one cos 30% off.. otherwise wouldn't have touched it :D , an Emily the Strange wallet and denim skirt.. my friend has someone who's interested in her, but she's so nervous,(the scene was so cute) he's one year younger, but who cares as long as he's nice right? it was so akward during lunch, i tried to strt a conversation but.. didnt work unfortunately.. hahaa i felt like a very bright lightbulb.. never again am i tagging along.. ...
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Saturday, January 15, 2005

   ... ...
I want this song badly... SHIHOUKA (偲芳歌 ) from twelve kingdoms.. any one has it? can pass to me..please.. so lovely.. i keep singing it all day long..

if not im forced to buy the whole album.. im kinda broke and i havent seen the album in shops..

watashi no kawaii ningyou
suteki na kimono kisemashou
kirakira kin no kanzashi
shiawase wo ageru

watashi no kawaii ningyou
kirei na obi mo agemashou
akane no sango kazatta
utsukushi obi yo

megumi ooki yutaka na kuni
hana ga afure
machikado ni hora kikoeru
yorokobi utau koe ga

watashi no kawaii ningyou
yasashiku daite agemashou
kurenai iro no kuchibiru
asenai you ni

megumi ooki yutaka na kuni
kaze wa soyogi
machikado ni kikoeru uta
towa ni chikau shiawase wo

towa ni chikau shiawase wo...

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  Wahhh..looked at results.. i did'nt win the 12kingdoms box set... :( mehh i really wanted that, never had a complete set before ;( ... sigh.. been so busy with work i work every single day. n meet all kinds of people.. disgustingly rude ones (a gal actually rubbed the stuff from her nose infrnt of my friend onto the shirt!!!) ewww.. so sleepy...
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