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Hi there ^^
My name is Mariola but you can also call me Merrick.
I'm addicted to A&M, music, chocolate and spicy food. I'm a loner, but enjoy my life and search for things that can make me happy ^_^
And that's all about me

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year ...

And here, something funny, to start this year with a smile:

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ohayo ^_^
Hello everyone, how have you been been during the last two months (or maybe more). I missed you soooooo very much *kisses and hugs*
I'm sorry I haven't been here for so long.
You probably wonder what was the reason of my absence. So do I... O_o UFO?
... ok, just kidding XD It was quite common. First I didn't have the Internet connection in my new place for a month, than I couldn't use my bro's notebook (he said I can't visit any anime related sites, I don't know why). And since 3 weeks I have my own notebook, but it was hard to come back here. After the, at least, two months it's gonna be like starting from the begining...
But from now on I'll visit you again and comment ^_^
I hope to be raelly back, like at the beginning :) It's been over a year since I first used myO and I've met many great people from all over the world. Thank you all *hugs*
Thank you for the card, Gidra, it's very pretty ^^ Arigato gozaimas!

That'd be all for today, nothing interesting, but enough for the begining I think ^^
Take care and have a great day!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hi ^^
Many things happened during the last weeks but I don't have enough time to tell you about it all, and it could be a bit boring, too.
Most important: I'm preparing to move out of my house 'cause I have an apartment rented in the city where I'm gonna study.
I hardly ever am connected to the Internet. And lack time to sleep. Is this holidays? -_- I don't think so.
Sorry, I if won't be able to visit you now, but I'll do my best ^^
I miss all of you very much T_T and your posts.

Hope you have a great day, be happy my friends, and see you ^_^ *HUGS*

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Monday, July 23, 2007

long hours...
Ohayo! I haven't posted for such a long time, eh, gomen ^^
I worked every day for long hours, and I'm gonna work this week too. After comming home I'm very tired usually and don't feel like doing anything besides having a dinner and going to bed.
Is that an excuse? Yeah, it is ^^

Anyway, I want to tell you that most probably(80%) I will study biotechnology(I already have a place there ^^). Those 20% are free if I found anything more interesting till september, hope you know what I mean.
I'm glad that it all turned out like this ^_^

I watched Wolf's Rain not long ago, just 12 eps but I hope to finish it on the weekend. This is a great anime. My rating is 8+/10. Good story (about wolfs that can have human form, looking for Paradise), nice characters, and music which is great! I'll put here the closing song next week, if I won't forget, hehe ;D

That'd be all. Hope you'll have a great weekend *hugs*
Take care ^_^

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