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Konnichiwa everybody!

After being away for a long, long time i decided to pay a visit here :)

Been 3 years since i last visited here.. i was 17... 20 now =P

What happened these last 3 years.. I graduated from school this year and i found this wonderful boyfriend ;)

Gotta keep it short, wanna see who's still active on my friendslist :)

I'm a huge cat lover..and i have a great dislike of dogs (not all of them)..can't help it!

That's about it...

Ja ne!

Fave anime people

Rurouni Kenshin : I don't know why but i like Captain Sagara..And Kenshin of course
Yu-Gi-Oh : Back to Baku again
Inuyasha : That would be..Sesshoumaru
Gundam Wing : Heero, dunnow..the stuff he says makes sense.
Wolf's rain : Hige He's so funny
Shaman King : Yoh..Gotta love the relaxed attitude
Gravitation: Hiro, just the fights with Shu-kun alone are hilarious
Cowboy Bebop: Ed =3
Naruto: Irukaaaaa ^^
DBZ: Future Trunks, he's just plain cool
Black Jack: Saito
Alice 19th: FREY *cuddle*

Thursday, March 8, 2007

No i'm not dead. Xl

I'm really sorry for not posting any art, posts or even visiting sites

I've just been playing World of Warcraft an awful lot lately
(hurray for The Burning Chrusade)
The Bloodelves are just so friggin' awesome

I'm at school at the mo.
And yes, i still love it.
Made some awesome friends this year
Well, more like one good friend but i can get along with all the others.

Homework is a problem though. I still have a lot to do but i just can't do it Xl.
I have so many fun things to do (GAMING!)

But how have you guys been?

I have kinda been following the Jeff thing..
Can somebody fill me in about it? i'm not catching on....

OH! that's right
I recently got two guinea pigs =P
One has/had really long hair and a mohawk =) and i got one which is just..pure fluff

They're called Darva (a male) and Arwen (female). They can't be in the same pen/cage/whatever yet..
They're too young to have a litter =P (but there will be!)

I'll post some pictures tomorrow.

I'm going to visit sites now (i really am!) see you guys later!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

   Laptops ftw!
Guess what!
I'm working on a laptop! for my very first time.
Typing is kinda hard though, it just feels so weird

I'm still playing World of Warcraft
I'm a level 22 now.
I ditched my other char..he was boring.

Oh yeah, they suddenly airing a lot of anime here

Avatar the last airbender, Oban starracer and one more..i can't remember which..

And i've yet to watch them but oh well..


Laptops ftw!!

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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm competing in the Halloween contest here XD
It's a crappy drawing done in 30 minutes >.<
Today was the deadline so i hope i'm still on time
Dang, if only i had known sooner

ah well gotta go, mom's complaining

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Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for not updating in such a long time...
But i started playing World of Warcraft and kami-sama..that game is addictive
I've been playing it for many hours in a row
It's friggin' awesome

--------------Warcraft talk---------------------
I got a level 18 night elf called Iruka and a level 17 human called Amidamaru (i love those names >.>)
First one is a hunter and the other a warrior

I've already died many, many times with 'maru maybe it's the name..

--------------------end Warcraft talk-----------

The boyfriend of my sister has returned from America (not thay you know he was there but whatever)
He actually got me something O.o
He got me a dreamcatcher in the colors of my room and a sticker with 'Watch more Anime'
He knows me too well ^^

I have a schoolproject going on now, with a group
And we have to present it in suits!
I never owned a suit in my whole friggin' life O.o
I hate those things
Gonna wear a tie though =3
Not gonna take it serious >.<

Hm..i'm gonna check people's sites now

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

I putted 3 pieces of art up including the now colored Kyuubi/Naruto one

Nothing happened today so it's short..

My ankle still hurts like hell XO

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