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hey peeps!! my name is meika and I love anime i've just taken over a pond near my house, so i'm happy. (first the pond, then the world!!) heheheh.... *cough cough* um.. so comment on something & sign my guest book if you want, i'd really appreciate it. and whatever you do, don't feed the monkeys.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

F-ing March! March!
lets see... I am currently freaking out bc my schedule for March is insane. The Beast, a monster of a history test, is scheduled for next Tuesday (i think) and I am getting swamped with homework. To make things worse I am currently in a mood that is between mellow and this wierd depressed-anger type thing. Oh wells...

I envy all of those ppl who have anger issues, who get into fights, who can just vent out all of their anger at the next person that so much as glances in their general direction! WHY CAN'T I VENT LIKE THEM? I never just yell at somebody when I'm pissed off and I never ever just go and hit something or somebody. I can rant at a friend when one is available and isn't already in a bad mood already, but that is really rare.

Also, my friends rant to me about their problems. Don't get me wrong- it is very interesting and entertaining (I am such a bad person...) but seriously... I'm not superman. I can't cure your problems with my superhero might, my X-ray vision is reserved for the guys and even then it doesn't work properly, my super-speed only happens on the highway, and I have yet to block a bullet with my super hard... ... ... skin...

Also, I was just driving around Lake Overholster had I just kept getting these really strong urges to drive into the lake and lock the doors. I was alone in the car when these happened and it was really dark out. I'm not suicidal or anything, but this isn't the first time that I've had those urges. Pretty damn often actually.. Have decieded to avoid driving by myself when possible.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

   Wrapping up
Lets see... what has happened since I last posted? (not including that last one) Hmmm…

About a week before my birthday my grandpa died and his funeral was two days before my birthday. I have my license now, and one of my best friends drives me to school everyday. I was sick during Christmas, so I wasn’t able to visit my last set of Grandparents, and I think that my Grandma is about to die.

I passed all of my classes last semester and once again I have to become used to the masses of people who practically live in my classrooms. I don’t really like my first block; I can’t help but compare my teacher to the late Mr. Rogers, who I truly hated. It isn’t her fault and people seem to enjoy being treated like a group of three year olds who can’t understand you if. You. Do. Not. Speak. Like. This…. ARGH! Also, the class seems too slow. Second block is okay… I have a weird feeling that my teacher is part of Green Piece or something. Third block is cool cuz I get to sit with my friend and the course isn’t all that hard. Fourth block is really cool, my teacher actually knows and likes what he's talking about. Too bad my math teacher can’t teach with that much enthusiasm! Oh wells… History and Creative Writing rocks!

Most of my classes are filled with people who probably don’t like “freaks” like me. Hey! If you don’t like the ears, stop staring! Oh wait, that’s right! I’m no longer able to wear my cat ears at school (haven’t been able to all year ;_;) DAMN YOU CREATURES OF THE LIGHT!!! Sigh…

At least I have lunch with most of my friends ^-^

How are things down at your end? Was this too long? Should I write more or should I just abandon this site? Let me know!!! ^-^’’’

-Beware the ears

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

okays... lately i've been swamped with homework and the second sememster only started one week ago! who knew pre-calc and ap US History would be so tough? oh man! the AP test that thousands of ppl are gonna take this year is gonna be a pain! essays are evil! ;_;
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