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It seems my friend here is not using her introdution thingy-mo-bob to its full extent! Oh the humanity! Well, this is BASH here (again, posted before doing this ^^") and I intend to see that megge101's intro thingy is used as it should be! And how would I do that? By talking... writing... yeah, writing... of my wonderful friend of course!! ^^

Y'see, megge101's great. She can be way more sensitive than I could imagine being, and as such, she gives a good look into what goes into the best friend character in stories. Also, her physce is a lovely thing to study and she's an incredible moral booster. So, everyone who wastes their time by reading my (invasive) rambling, make friends with the lovely megge101!

Sideffects of befriending megge101 may include:

* Long periods of useless talking

* Feeling of pride at helping a friend

* Love of knowing another person

* Need of physicatric (sorry if I spelled that wrong) help

See ya, or not!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

   'Ello Loves
This is BASH reporting live from the backroom on megge101's site!! Oh the intrest, the intrege!!

... Right....

Anywho, just wanted to ask megge101 herself if she likes the avitar made by one who is not me. ^^

See ya, or not!

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