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hi people. :).......
I HATE U ALL!!!!!!!!
(evil laughter w/ no emphisis)
^_^ have a nice day!


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Sunday, December 9, 2007

   Gosh, it's been a while
My apologies kiddies, my internet was stolen away from me... but now it's back so HA!


So... i moved three times and now I'm nice and cozy in my newest apt. I made it through freshman year and now I'm a big bad sophomore in the ol' West Holmes High. Jeffrey broke up w/me. which turns out to be a great thing because I'm now dating a boy named Brian who (unlike Jeff) treats me with respect. I've made it pretty damn far in Rabu Rabu and getting somewhat close to finishing it. My neighbor died from cancer. I'm listening to the used right now. I've got 2 cats (spazz and sassy) I love the song thats playing right now. I've read and gotten pissed off at Harry Potter 7. And I'm really enjoying my life at this moment.

Any questions?? (lol)

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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Hell yeah!!!! =D
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

   Srry it's been so long!
Idk what happened... i guess i just forgot about lil old myo. Hehe, life been good tho. The biggest shocker tho is i actually have a boyfriend. O_o [[lol... i know... how lame]] Lol... it's the guy who asked me to prom, Jeff. And I'm almost done with my OYTs thank goodness. I'm gonna get back into the swing of things and try to update/visit everyday. Like i said previously... I'll post my story every friday. [[i'm just letting u kno so u don't waste ur time if u don't wanna read it]] Yup... O!!!!!!! HAPPY PI DAY!!!!!!!!!! Hurray for 3.14... ect. Lol. So... how were all of your lives going in my absence??

~O, and how do u make those button link thingys for ur site??~

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

   My bad^^
Srry guys! I kind of spaced out for a few days and 4got 2 update. But don't feel 2 special... I've been 4getting everything. >_<

I'm super excited cuz my friend Jeff [[who i've like as more than a friend 4 a while now]] asked my to go to his prom w/ him in April! Yay! But now the scary part... the poor guy has 2 meet my pops + 2 big bros... [[my family's so crazy my 1 brother is driving all the way from cleveland just 2 meet jeff and thats a 2 hour drive O_o]]

I've decided sumthing... Fridays Ill post Rabu Rabu [[my story]] and thursdays I'll take votes 4 my polls. [[i'm trying 2 make my posts shorter 4 u ppl]]
So... 2day is thursday and the poll is:
.::Poll: Who is the best anime warrior/fighterer?::.
Plz vote!

Bla... so... besides all that crap there's not much else going on... I'll visit sites now.

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