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Yo peeps! Welcome to my site. My lifes a little crazy at times, but i try to post as often as i can! If u sign my GB i'll be sure to signe urs. PM me whenever u want to chat cuz i get bored. I owe all my BR's to people that i ask perioticly. (I suck with HTML.) I hope u all enjoy urselves!!!!

Wolfs in my pack:
Tsukiyomi- Hoshiyomi's mate
Hoshoyomi- Tsukiyomi's mate
Gem- huta's mate
Huta- Gems mate
Ginta- loner but fun to play with!
Spell caster- Gems Daughter, first born
Inare- Gems son, second born
Twilight- Gems daughter, third born

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This is Bunny.
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Monday, June 2, 2008



Yea, i'm at skool right now but i'll put more later. LOVE YA!

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