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Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Thanx Guys!!

Thanks for the comments. I'm feeling better now b/c of you guys. Dang it's hard to find the words seriously. My whole life I've been taught that the world is dark and cruel and that no one cares. And to see that you actually care enough to share your opinions really brings my spirit up. I mean you people who I barely know and have never met from all over the place, thanks to you, all of you, you have renewed my faith and my humanity. It's too bad that too often we only see the evil sides of people. But, in reality it's not their fault, it's their choices. I try not to judge people too much cause I know I'm definitely not perfect, and I realize that only God knows enough about each of us to judge us justifully. So thanks! Thanks for being you, the beautiful people you are, and thanks for caring about me. And don't forget it's our flaws that make us perfect. Love you all, Eric(Duo) because Duo is truly who I am, and that anime character is truly me.

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