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Thank You For The Photo Ammunition Child!!!

My name is Julia. I am not the original owner of this site. The original owner, Julian, my brother has died so I am taking over his site since he is gone. AND THANK YOU FOR THE BACKGROUND AMMUNITION CHILD!!!
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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Rest In Peace Julian
Since Mauvepansy (my brother julian) is dead, i shall take over his site just to keep it going.
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He was murdered when someone in a white toyota ran him over and almost killed him. The man was arrested so for revenge he killed my brother...i hate this! i hope that man has a terrible life in jail *sobs*
here are some pictures of the funeral...
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mom and dad
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Our cousin david outside
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funeral home
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that's all i could take ppls...

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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Doin Good

My leg still hurts a little from getting hit by that toyota a few days back. I'm still in the hospital. The doctor said that if I had jumped out of the way any later then my leg would have been under unrepairable conditions. I'm doing okay tho. It was bleeding at first but it stopped now. I have to miss work for about 2 weeks. I really wish you guys were here to support me because I'm really going through some tough times with my leg and it was hurting so bad I almost cried. I won't be on for a while and some more news. I'm going to delete my site. Both Perfect Incision and I are going to delete our sites becuz ppl keep saying that we're the dudes from MCR when we're not. Sorry guys but I have to go now.....

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Monday, August 7, 2006

Okay ..

I'm sick and tired of ppl hacking my site and pretending that I'm fucking Frank iero. I'm not. I think he's kewl and Mitch thinks Mikey's kewl and Jay thinks Gerard is kewl and Antonio thinks Ray is kewl and everything else but WE ARE NOT IMPOSTERS! I'm telling you guys, I'm not fucking Frank Iero so stop asking me! Jay is not Gerard Way! And Mitch isn't goddamn Mikey and Antonio isn't Ray either, we just happen to be inspired by them but all these ppl got our passwrds and put up pics of them on our sites! Whatever you do, dont say I'm Frank Iero! Don't go "OOOOOO EEEEMMMMM GEEEEEEE! IT'S FRANKIE!!" Cuz you kno wat?? It's not.
For all of you, this is frank iero
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This is the REAL me
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