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Thursday, December 1, 2005

The 1337 Alphabet

For those of you that don't know

F- |=
H- ]-[ or |-|
I- 1
J- J
L- 1 or 1_ or |_
M- |v| or |\/|
N- |\|
O- 0
P- |>
Q- Q
R- |?
S- $ or 5
T- 7
U- |_|
V- \/
X- ><
Y- /

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Rain and Thunder

I dont know what it is about rain thunder and lightening that sooth me maybe its the fact that they show the awsome power of nature or maybe its just the buety of it all that makes me relax.

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n00b bashing

today/yesterday i saw the worst n00bs ever i swear these guys were an embarasment to the gaming comunity. i dont know what was worse their skills at smash being the worst i have ever seen or them embarasing the gaming comunity.

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Friday, November 25, 2005

What im thankfull for...

1. Video Games (they provide a excelent escape from reality)
2. Amy
3. Good Friends to play video games with (Thats all their good for jk).
4. The ability to get good at games i like
5. I know not many people say this about their greatest fear but straight jackets because if it wasnt for one i wouldnt be here right now. (very long and boring story)
6. Hacking
7. Pirating
8. Insomnia

Sure i may sound selfish because i am i dont thank my parents or relatives for anything because they have already given up so fu(1< them.:)

anywayz thanks to all the things that keep me living

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Today So Crapy

Man Today was soooooooo uber boring i know you guys could care less but i dont care.

Sure Video games are great but their only fun for so long. then me shiro and our friend and his brother went to the mall for about and hour and then he droped us off at my house the day was going by so slow that we thought 2 minutes was 10

and then finaly we went to kawaii seth's house and talked to her and her brother for a couple of hours.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Boring II

Yay just as predicted today was insanely boring

How unfortunate all i did was sleep all day now i have this massive head ache i realy should get some asprin for it but im not going to (lazyness factor coming into play here)

Sadly i know what its from its cause i cant turn my brain off and always come up with the worst possible situations ever but who cares im just paranoid no one wants to hear my life story.

i just realized after posting this that is actualy tommarow.

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