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I'm the masterchief100..... If you're here sign my gbook. no rude signatures plz. Cya somtime.yeah I got ridda the chat thing noone used it...

dont worry we'll all float on
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Can u tell if ed is a boy or a girl? well.... its both really....

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Something I made
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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

   The way of the Knight
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So every one the Otaku Knights are divided into classes.Here they are

Master Knights:administraitors and Executives

Elite Knights:High ranked knights that have do tasks efficiantly

Medium Knight: A journeyman knight does jobs with satisfied requesters

Jr. Knight:A Graduate warrior Knight.

Warrior: A new recruit with hope to be a great Knight. Must have do one request to graduate.


Okay about requests they're divided into classes.(like Naruto)

So Come In and recruit today!

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   The Otaku Knights
I just had this great idea. I'm making a all new club called The Otaku Knights. We are Fighters and we dont care the cost I love the idea.So I'm recruting members ask me in a PM to join. We'll have banners and everything the whole Package!

So What are you Waiting for? C'mon and join. Mimami is counting on you!

WTF is he doing?
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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

fn sdl;kjkdfas;l
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Askin a PM me to join.

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Lokie at my doggie Max!

adopt your own virtual pet!

And here's anotherone
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   My first pic... EVER!!!!!! that i found on the net.(there i changed it)
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