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Result Posted on 09/04/04:
Yeah baby! Its getting better!

seto kaiba
ok the battle tourment is going 2 start at
Monday....that means no school.....yay.......he
is definally in love u or is he??????well u'll
see...but from the way he kissed u i think he
is....well u'll see...soon....

Seto Kaiba + You = Ch.2 Feelings of Truth or Lie?
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Result Posted on 09/04/04:
I got to make out with Seto!!!

He is totally all over u.....but 2 bad 4 the call
hey I wonder who called....well u'll
see....Thats the end of Ch.1 I wonder wat i'm
going 2 name the next one??? Well u'll
see....BYE BYE 4 NOW don't 4get 2 rate the n
message the quiz....^_^

Seto Kaiba + You = Ch.1 Love Me or Not ?(Continues)
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Result Posted on 09/04/04:
lets see what happens...

Seto Kaiba seems 2 like u...but i wonder wants in
the letter....almost 4get 2 tell u the ch.1
Love Me or Not continues i'm just 2 lazy 2
continue it ok.... oh yea if any of u like
music as much as i do i recomand u go 2 this
site: crazy.fragism.com just enter as it is
there is no mistake there r songs like: Yea by
Usher..... Confession Part 2 by
Usher.......Burn by Usher....n My Band by
D12....n much more cool songs...but u could
only hear n it also it takes like about 5 mins
minimum 2 load the song so have
patiance.....don't 4get 2 message n rate n
visit my homepage!!!!! ^_^ BYE BYE 4 NOW!!!!

Seto Kaiba + You = Ch.1 Love Me or Not ?
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Result Posted on 08/31/04:

wow!!! u r seto kaiba's type. you two r going to be
a great couple.

r u seto kaiba's type?( for girl )
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Result Posted on 08/31/04:

Scorpio- Scorpio Relations The sexual attraction between two intense Scorpions
is hot, but the temperature can't keep rising
forever. You two are so much alike, and yet you
understand each other so very little. The
doubling of the Water Element gives profound
emotional power and a lens that magnifies every
element of your complex individuality. This
match raises intuition to its greatest heights,
or flings it to its greatest depths, but
because you are both Fixed Signs, your biggest
challenge will come when you face a battle of
your individual wills. If you agree on
something, great! If not, each one of you is
prepared to dig in for as long as it takes to
get your own way. Moreover, should one or both
of you have a particularly active Mars, you'll
be prepared to employ your poisonous sting.
Since you know your own secret weaknesses, you
also know your partner's.Compromise is not a
skill either of you care to develop. Scorpio can be both jealous and demanding. Every
minor storm soon blows up into a tornado. Many
Scorpions would rather destroy the whole city
than let another control the citadel. However,
though you hate to compromise, in personal
relationships concessions must be made. Make
the effort to ensure that you remain on the
same team, because there is no more formidable
opponent than another Scorpion! The real value of a Scorpio vs Scorpio match lies
in its potential fo r spiritual growth and
personal development. Scorpios are loyal and
deeply focused, but need to solve considerable
inner turmoil. If you love another Scorpion,
you must use this potentially shattering
relationship to leverage yourselves out and
away from the narrow perspective of the
dust-dwelling insect, in order to revel in the
grand overview of the soaring Eagle, the more
enlightened symbol of your Sign. This combination is very problematic, but can
function on a higher plane (as well as in the
boudoir) when Moon Signs and other factors are
complementary. It's a recipe for a complete
overhaul of both personalities, so if you have
the nerve, go for it. If not, find a more
pliant companion before something nasty

The compatibility to Seto Kaiba? ( u must know your sign )(plus all the details)
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Result Posted on 08/31/04:
Nice. That is jus like me.

If you were on a battlefield right now, versus everything...
Lover or a Fighter?
Fight for good or evil?
Battle Cry
Weapon of Choice Hammer Tacker
Appearance Leather Jacket, flying using telekenetic powers
Your Battle Cry... Infuriates the enemy
Foes slain upon first strike: - 83%
What you fight Invading Mutants
You fight.... For Yourself
This QuickKwiz by Ferggs - Taken 53012 Times.
New - Kwiz.Biz Astrology and Horoscopes

Result Posted on 08/29/04:
I like Haru. He rocks and he's cute too. ^^

Haru Glory. You are the hero choosing to leave your
island home with naught but a dog and some
weapons. You have only a sister as family. You
have silver hair purple eyes and a giant sword
equipped with a Rave power stone.You never let
somone down and stand up for what's right. You
can't stand by and watch something bad happen
you jump in willing to help even if it is none
of your business. After all your sister taught
you better than that. Hopefully you will bring
peace to the world and destroy the evil
organization Dark Bring. Good luck on that
quest of yours!

Which Rave Master character are you?(It's a manga by Hiro Mashima)
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Result Posted on 08/28/04:
Ya! I get the pharaoh!

Yes he is urs, only the best queen deserve this hot
pharaoh! Yami will give u his heart and his
life to protect u. So u better be grateful. On
the other hand,he intends to get bossy at times
so u better know what to give him!He is , after
all, pharaoh, and will always get his way!

Who's your yu-gi-oh boyfriend?(great pics!)
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Result Posted on 08/28/04:
Dang. I'm dead. That sucks.

Result Posted on 08/27/04:
I am rated G. Well, I guess that means I have a clean life, right?

My life is rated G.
What is your life rated?

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