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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

   New theme and updates.
Thank you for everyone who comment last time helping me out with my code for my post. I am very grateful.

Hah! My new theme is up. I was just being lazy and didn't bother to fix the last few bugs I had left untill today. I also changed the wall paper, music, added some new codes *see my user name lol* and also added a nifty little curser. The music "Poison" by Alice Cooper fits nicely as well. It turned out quite well and I am quite pleased. I like how my background image turned out and I wasn't really sure what I was suppose to do with it when I started making it. 0_0

Also battle of the bishies will be stateing up again! Insead of posting it on MyO, I've decided to post it on my website Anime-Fire.com (when I get it back up and running and clean out my server) so everyone can join in the fun and I can orginazie it a little better. I will post the link and what not when it is finish. ^_^

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