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Monday, June 5, 2006

   Back in the saddle again! ...I hope :P
Hellow People! Sorry for not getting to your sites in a while. I'm acturally going to try and rip myself away from playing Final Fantasy VII and do that today.

Well I might get a job this time! A friend of my mom needs someone to help her recover her accounting and I might get the job. I didn't really want the job of an accountant but it pays REALLY REALLY well plus I get free food. Besides, It's only temperary anyways.

.....*silents* .....

I have to get my website back up....all i have right now is an "under construction" sign.

Oh, and last night I dreampt that my house was filled with gay guys. And not hot ones either. They where all really fat with beer bellies. It was wierd.

[/end randomness]

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