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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

   Yes! I finally updated!
Ha! See? I am capable of updating again. :D I actually just threw this theme together in about a half hour. I really didnít know how it will turn out. I basically designed it after a splash page I made and have gotten a lot of comments on the background picture. Iím surprised how well it turned out in such a short time.

A lot of posting to day so letís get started.

Madbutterfly and I just started a new Cloud and Sephiroth Fan Club for rabid fan girls everywhere (thatís where I got the idea for the new theme). We are going to have a separate section for both Cloud and Sephy and then a section for both of them *caoughsexyyaoicough* so there will be something for everyone. Iím making a wicked site as speak and it will be up soon as well as some banners with sexy pictures of them. If you would like to join Please PM me and I will add you to the fan list. I will be taking care of Clouds Fans and Madbutterfly will be taking care of Sephyís fans as soon as the site gets up and running.

*sigh* I have book club to night. The only reason Iím staying in it anymore because thatís the only real time I get to spend with my friends. The lady who runs it is really starting to get on my nerves. When we first started book club, she said we could read any book we wanted to. Ok, I wanted to read Howlís Moving Castle. The bitch still never let me read it. She just choose what she wants us to read and if itís a good book (thank god most of them have been) then at book club, we beat the book to death so bad, you donít even want to lay eyes on it again. Hehehe, although it was pretty funny at the play with the Book Club Lady got mad at my mom for getting in her video shot and started yelling at her and said how annoying my mom. What she didnít notice is my mom had her digital camera in her hand and took a picture of her right in the middle of it. It is SO FUNNY! My mom was snickering about that for weeks. And I mean, come on, who calls someone annoying with out put a noun after it (e.g. annoying bitch?) Anyways it was still pretty funny.

Thatís about all I got right now. It feels good to post again.

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