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Friday, April 28, 2006

   I"m back. Most of my work is done.
Hello Tomodachis. The play is done, my book is read so hopefully in the month of may, things will settle down a little bit and you will be seeing more of me.

Well, I told my friend Nick, (whos was at my final fantasy movie night and was giving me the most beef) wrote back to me on his myspace and said that they all didn't think of me as a japanese freak. That could be a way of just being nice but alright. I might have another movie day with them. Maybe watch a movie by Miazaki-sensei. Anywas, at least my friend Tim (who wasn't at our movie night) is a big final fantasy fan so I will just have him over to watch movies with me. :D

Not much to say besides that. Sionara!

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