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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It has began...
Yes Battle of the Bishies has finaly began in honor of my new Fanal Fantasy: Advent Children theme. *stares in aw* This is, by far, the most impressive theme I have ever made. I've been on MyO for over a year now, each theme, my GFX and HTML skill just keep getting a little better. However, I think this is my best work. The wallpaper took me four days to make and I had based it off of a siggy that I made. Yeah, it was hard. I only wish though, that the music I have for my theme worked a little better. For some reason, it won't play by itself in the background and I had to put it in a media player just to get it to play at all (you have to push the little button to get it to work too). I was going to use One Winged Angel (also from FF) but it just didn't fit for Cloud and I wanted the Chase of Highway song because it just fits so perfectly and it's my favorite one. ^_^

Anyways, enjoy the theme, download the wallpaper (link on the bottom of my blog) and make sure you vote on battle of the bishes.

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