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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Welcome to Battle of the Bishies 2006!!

Ok I should explane this shouldn't I? Alright, here's how it works....

Every year, I have a contest to see who are some of the hottest Bishies in anime history. I post profiles and pictures of our contestants and you vote by comment on who you think should win the current round. This year we have quiet a bit of a turn out with 16 bishies all together. The winner out of the 16 bishies will then face off against last year’s winner Yami Bakura for the ultimate title of The Hottest Anime Bishi.

The Elimination Process:

Our 16 Bishis will face of in a series of rounds, each round eliminating the bishes that didn’t win their match. Here’s a little chart to make sense of what will be going on.

16 Bishis in 8 rounds – 8 Bishis will remain.
8 Bishis in 4 rounds – 4 will remain.
4 Bishis in 2 rounds – two will remain.
2 Bishis will go head to head to win this years contest.
1 Bishi will face Yami Bakura for the Championship.

Pretty simple. Here are our current pairings. All have been randomly selected:

Edward Elric v. Hotohori

Genjo Sanzo v. Dark Mousy

Ryouho v. Tamahome

Satoshi v. Krad

Cho Hakkai v. Miroku

Marik Ishtar v. Ryou Bakura

Sha Gojyo v. Daisuke Niwa

Priest Seth v. Cloud Strife

Now let the first round commence!



Name: Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist - Hagane no Renkin Jutsushi)
Alias: Fullmetal Alchemist
Age: 15
Occupation: Alchemist
Hair: Blond
Height: 5’5”
Family: Alphonse Elric (Brother), Trisha Elric (Mother - deceased), Hohenheim of Light (Father – Not dead but currently ‘in depose’)
Quote: “Who are you calling short!”

Likes: Being right.
Dislikes: Being called short, milk.
Bio: Ed’s temper is just as hot as he is short (especially when you call him short.) Formally in the Military, this young rouge currently looking for a way to use the Philosopher’s Stone to restore both his and his younger brother’s bodies after a little, uh…accident. He also hates his father with a passion but doesn’t now how big of a story he really plays in Ed’s and his brother’s lives.
English Voice Actor:Vic Mignogna
Japanese Voice Actor:Romi Paku
Bishi Type: Hot-headed Bishi.

Name: Emperor Hotohori
Alias: Sai Hitei
Age: 18
Birthday: April 2
Occupation: *cough*Emperor*cough*
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazelish
Height: 6’ 0”
Family: None that we know of
Quote: Sorry, can’t find one. ^^”

Likes: Miaka :p
Dislikes: People who hate or try to hurt Miaka. :P
Bio: Emperor Hitohori is a real sweet heart for someone who’s family was never really around for him. He currently runs his own Kingdome and is in love with the Priestess of Suzaku. Unfortunately for our poor Hotohori, Miaka cannot return his feelings for him but he still vows to protect her anyways and make sure she is with the one she really does love. Now that is a real dedicated guy for ya.
English Voice Actor: Sean Thorton
Japanese Voice Actor: Takehito Koyasu
Bishi Type: Sweet Bishi

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