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Thursday, February 9, 2006

My Tarot Card Of The Day: Princess of Cups (Page of Cups)
Meaning: Expect Unexpected Luck, a friendship may spark into a relationship.
My Comments: This is about the fifth love card I've gotten this week. It's rather funny really.

Okidoki. Nothing new today besides play rehersal. I took some pictures at my mom's meeting yesterday. I hope they turned out ok. They look good on the camera but they can turn out blurry on the computer. I also took a picture of myself. I think it turned out pretty good. XD Anyhoo about today's tarot card. I'm not really surpised that I drew another cup card (cups meaning romance and relationship) I've been getting them all the time lately, along with the Prince of Wands, also called Knight of Wands. The court cards can useally mean a person that you know so I might be having a futer realationship with someone who is like the Prince of Wands, I don't know. What I also found intresting about today's card was that it had my sunsign on it. I guess that means good luck for me. ^_^

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