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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Final Verdict.
Ďello people. Iím back from my trip. I actually came back Sunday night but I havenít had time to post since then. I had a good time, but things could have gone better at the hospital. I had a new doctor this time so they did the whole treatment from x-rays to the echo. Anyways, unlike the past several years where everything was just normal and not much to worry about, it turns out that things have finally started to worsen this year. They say that the aorta valve is starting to desecrate because of the tore it got in the 2000 surgery. On a scale from 1 to 4 on leakage, itís a 3 now and they say it canít get any worse. They said they want to see me back in July instead of waiting a whole other year. They said they are going to be looking at open heart surgery before Iím 18. The first option is to try and sew up the tear and if they can do that, then I will be off all medications and everything. It will be just about fixed from there. I guesses thatís why Iím really not depressed about it but more excited about it in a way. Having this problem really never bothered me before, but recently, I have been resenting this weakness. I have always been the weaker one of everyone. People have had to watch out for me and make sure I donít get to tired. I could never take dance or any kind of stuff like that before because I could never do it. I canít even swim very well because of it. The idea of that all changing and me having my strength handed to me on a silver platter appeals to me. Maybe also now because everyone has to do something about this. There is no more waiting. It has to be done and fixed. Thatís why Iím not really bothered by it all. :)
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