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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What this is all about.
Ok, I know some of you have been wonder what the “medical leave” I mentioned earlier once. Well, to put a long story short (because I have Japanese class soon) I was born two months early so the aorta valve in my heart was smaller then it was suppose to be. Even though I’m doing fine right now after a balloon operation in 2000 (were they take a balloon and try to make the valve a little bigger) I still have to travel back to the hospital each year for a check up. I have been alright for several years now, but I’m still a nervous wreck when I go. I would just hate it if they found something wrong. Plus I have a new doctor this year and that’s not helping. My mom also deiced to turn it all into a family vacation. What joy. She did the same thing when I had major heart surgery too. I wish she wouldn’t do that but I guess it’s for the best.

I might not be able to get to anyone’s sites today or tomorrow because I have to pack today, study for a test tomorrow and work at the drama club. It sucks. I will be gone from Thursday to Sunday so I will see you all Monday. I will make sure to tell you all how it when. Later.

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