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Sunday, October 23, 2005

   It's a Dead Man's Party. Who could ask for more. Everyone's coming, leave your bodies at the door.
Hello People! My Halloween theme is finally finished. Whoo. I have been so busy this week. I have written up all kinds of post but never got around to posting them. Well, at least today Iím bored and have nothing to do. (Iím still wondering it thatís a good thing.)

I love this theme! It is just too cool. Like I said in my intro, I was going to have the Beetle Juice midi because I couldnít think if anything better until I found ďDead Manís Party.Ē It all turned out so beautiful and I think the song adds a little humor. I just canít help imagining the Grim Reaper all decked out and ready to hit the town with a body over his shoulder but he has no place to go. Lol. Anyways, I will try to get to everyoneís sites today but for some reason MyO has had a little problem loading. I guess itís because everyoneís all on line at once. Who knows?

Also, from Thursday to Sunday, I wonít be here. Iím going away on a trip for medical leave. Iíll tell you all about that later. Hopefully it wonít be too bad since my mom is making our trip into a little vacation. (Still, I am wondering if thatís a good thing.)

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