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Friday, October 14, 2005

A Conversation and other stuff.
Thank you all very much for your comments one Wednesday, and for the ones in my chat box. They all made me feel much better. Thank you.

So, now I would like to post some of them and make comments back.

From Ahlon aka Maddhatter (by PM)
[i] I read your myOtaku thing, but for some reason my computer wouldn't let me comment.

I feel the same way sometimes. Like no one gets it. Rachael's my friend and everything . . . I just don't think I could tell anybody anything without them thinking I was lying or calling me dumb. And I really
don't have the guts to do anything.

I think we all get that way sometimes.

I just wanted to let you know that I think its gonna be okay. You know, everything will eventually get better because once you hit bottom, there's no where to go but up.

Maybe when you learn how to drive it'll be a bit better, since, you could leave or something. . . I don't mean forever or anything, just until the calm after the storm. . .

Really I dunno what to say. We're really in the same boat, ya know? Just wanted to let you know, its okay. . .

You don't have to answer the PM.


Me: (from Wednesday)Thanks. ^^ that's why I've been posting stuff like that more because the feedback I have been getting just makes me feel a little bit better thanks. It's also good to know i'm not out in that boat paddleing my ass off by myself to keep it from tipping over.

It's true, when you hit rock buttom, the only way to go is up. *looks at watch* I guess I'm just waiting to hit so I can go up.

My dad says the same thing. When I start driving, things will get better because I could then go out and have a little more freedome and a little more time to myself. I could also get a job. Who knows? Maybe I will actrally meet someone of the other sex and is a mammal. lol

Thanks again. I really do feel much better.

AhlonI'm happy to help! Lol!

Oh, what I wouldn't give for someone of the opposite sex (who happens to be a mammal) to talk to me. I like this boy Abraham and I sit there and stare. *drool* O _ o;

Note: This does continue on but if I posted that now, it would be going off topic. *sheepish smile*

Me: (today) Yay for no guts!!! Oh and good luck talking to that kid in science 0_~.

From Death T-2:Yes, this present life always tends to suck, doesn't it? Good thing life isn't permanent ^_^U

But at least you're feeling better than yesterday. Sounds like you and your mom haven't had a decent talk with one another in a while. Maybe you should do that sometime.

Like the Matrix? Must reprogram the Matrix!!!!

Me:My mom and I do talk and we get along pretty well for the most part, itís just she has a pretty bad temper (an Aries trait) and she gets frustrated with people who have low self esteem and I have to say Iím raising my hand right now. I donít really like to talk to her about my feelings for the most part because of what I mentioned the other day and also because when I start, she forces me to continue when talking about my personal feelings to me is like trying to eat a pickle. I just do it very well. I guess thatís why we are going to try email each other back and forth trying to make it easier, I just have been putting it off. I really donít know what to say to her.

From Bakabrook:I agree with deathT-2.
But hopefully your right and you are too afraid to do something to yourself.
Take a good cry. It helps me sometimes.
But I do know where your coming from, and I know how you feel.
But I hope you cheer up. Don't do anything dumb okay?

Me: Donít worry, like I said before, I donít have any guts to do anything thing.

Well, thatís pretty much it for now. In other news (just because I feel like it) I have my last drivers ed class today (yay!) and me and my mom are probably going to go down to the DMV to take my written test on Tuesday. Then I can drive around town with her and my dad. :D Also, I was saved on my Japanese quiz yesterday because the paper didnít SAY I had to right in Japanese (thank Ra!) However, I do know for a fact that I missed some because our Sub-Sensi went over the tests anonymously with us (not telling who such and such thing wrong) and we where able to ask for the answers of certain things after everyone turned their papers in (it was a vocabulary test) I think I missed Kagu (furniture) Uichi (home) Where (doke I think) and something else. I also put Ohiyoo for morning and Konben for night when they are only used for saying good morning and good evening. What?! It made sense at the time! Anyways, I will most likely get half points for those.
Anyways, thatís all for now. For those who rp with me and what not, I wonít be online tomorrow. Iím helping my mom with an art fair all day. I really donít want to go since itís going to be all day. >.< And itís the first Saturday of the new YGO Egyptian Arch too. Thank Ra for VCRs and Auto recorders.

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