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Monday, September 12, 2005

Does happy dance.
Yay! I got a big anime website to add there site to my YourOtaku topstie list! *does happy dance* Happy Happy Happy!

Also, plans have been made to go to my old city so I will be able to see some of my old friends. Iím excited while at the same time, a little nervous. If you have read one of my older posts not too long ago called ďHeart Felt Letter to a FriendĒ I mentioned that I opened up to a friend of mine in a letter I wrote to her. I also asked her to tell the guy that I really really like (and I mean really) that I cared about him because I wanted him to know. She said that she had no problem with me talking to her about my feelings and she would be happy to do what I requested. It just so happens that she is going to see this guy I like and tell him the day that I pull into town. I also invited him to the get-together I have planed. I canít help but to think over and over again what he is going to say to me. I hope it is something good like he cares about me too, and I hope that he does show. I think he will.

Itís funny. I have never really cared about anyone outside my family more then I care about his guy. Guys usually ignore me and look right through me and because Iím so shy and nervous around people, I have a hard time talking to people and introducing myself. I just started to say good morning to people walking by me. Anyways, I met him at a friendís birthday party. His name his Todd btw. So, I knew who Todd was, but I didnít recognize him. He looked completely different then from what I remember him looking like. I actually looks like a young Aragorn from Lord of the Rings. I thought he was cute, but I really didnít say much to him besides ďPlease bring the ladder over here so I can get out of the pool.Ē Yeah, that was it. Simple and easy.

Later that day, I was outside with my dad, my friendís dad and Todd. We where all getting burgers. Both Todd and I where waiting for ďReal BurgersĒ and not that veggie burger stuff and when I was asked by my friendís dad if I wanted a Veggie burger I said I wanted real meet. Hence, my first real, solid conversation with a good looking guy started. Todd start talking about Steaks with me (lol) and all about the good steak places in town to eat. Then over lunch he told me all of his scars he got from BMX racing. Itís funny, I love to hear guys talk about their scars. I really do!

While I was talking to him, I could tell that I started liking him because when he was talking about cutting his long hair I thought to myself [i]Donít cut that beautiful hair[/i]. I thought it was rather a strange feeling I was having because I never really liked liked a guy before. I was then in denial of liking him (even when I dreamed about him >.<) for like three months until my friend told me I should just for it so I did. Then he started talking to me more and it seemed like he like me too. Until I had to tell himÖ

ÖI was moving. I havenít really thought about it until recently, but I think I heard Toddís voice fall when I told him I was leaving. Now that I think of it, it kinda makes me feel because it means he didnít want me to leave. I hope I get to see him this Friday.

*huff**huff* What a mouth full. Thanks for listening. I will try to get to some sites later today. ^^ Thanks again.

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