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Monday, September 5, 2005

   Sesshoumaru’s Ripple
Nothing new going on here. I finished a new Inu-Yasha wallpaper today called Sesshoumaru’s Ripple It is very pretty and I loved how it turned out. I plan to make a theme out of it sometime. I also tried making a bigger version of it because I have one of those wide screen monitors, but I couldn’t get the ripple to fit over on the side just how I like it. It took me about five tries just to get it on the wallpaper that I just submitted. So, in the end, I just tiled it on my desk top. It still looks good though. What can I say? I have had an obsession with Sesshy since I saw that episode of his first meeting with Rin. Aw… it was so cute! I knew Sesshy wasn’t such a bad guy after since he had the sword of life. It looks like he has a new tag-a-long know. I think him and Rin go great together.

Anyways, there is the link to my new wallpaper for you to check out and download. Remember to leave comments and tell me what you think about it!

Sesshoumaru’s Ripple

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