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Saturday, June 18, 2005

   More then a bad hair day...
In the words of animated Jacky Chan, “Bad day, bad day, bad day!”

First off, my mom almost left me home when I didn’t get ready fast enough this morning to go to the store (she was pulling out of the drive way and everything) and my hair looked bad to begin with.

Then, this afternoon, I got about for virus just by clicking on a thumbnail to look at this picture of Yuki Sohma. I scanned once with my virus checker and it didn’t find it so I when online and scanned again. Half way though the scan, my computer over heats and crashes. I then just deleted all my temp internet files where the virus was and hope that it got it. I really should back up my computer.

I was already bummed from the virus incident but when I reached into my backpack to get a mint while my computer was scanning, I found out that some taffy I had put in there a while ago, melted and everything was all sticky so now my backpack is in the washer. Funny how I didn’t find out until now…

Sorry, for not making it to all your sites yesterday. I don’t think I will make it today either.

Ok now about yesterday…..

I went to the mall and bought this beautiful Japanese shirt that was onsale for half price (I wore it to the concert) and I also got D*N*Angel Vol. 6.

After that, I went to Battle of the Bands in the park and it was pretty fun. The lead singer in the first band was about my age and pretty cute. I have the address to his online message forum that I plan to check out. Maybe I will get to meet him since he is local. 0_~
He was a good singer and had a good band, by the music drowned out his voice though.

The second ban was a riot! All of there songs where sang super fast. One of the guitarist came out dressed as a cow and they band had all there crazy friends dancing around. The first song they played was about Seagulls taking over the world. They also played EarthAngel, but it was speeded up about 20 times.

The third band had the oldest members, about in their mid-20’s to early 30’s and they where the best! They all sang in harmony and sang some old rock songs for the older folks. They where so good, everyone begged for an encore even though there time had ran out. We did get our encore. XD

The fourth and fifth act where solo artists. The first was a girl that sang beautifully but she needed voice training because she would hit this pitch that would make you wince. The next guy came on just as I was leaving and I had good timing too.

Even though I left before the voting, I’m sure that the third band would have had the most cheers and won.

*Takes deep breath* Wow…long post…

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