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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Contest has ended!
Here are my stats for SKF's contest. Below is what she posted about me.

Honorable Mention: With a 69/50 in judging and only a point away from third place and having finished her theme so late in the contest, this award goes to Master Marik.

As you've probably all realized, Honorable Mention wasn't on the original award list, but because it was just a point difference, I've decided to give the award anyways. And she finished her theme really late on in the contest, so she obviously got less votes. Of course, when she did finish her theme, votes for her came rolling in.

*sigh* I should really learn to get thinks in on time, but at least I won Honorable Mention (when they weren't goining to have it) and I was one point away from thrid. Also, someone commented on her site that was a congrats to me which was pretty cool. I thanked him for it. ^^ Next time, I'm going to get done early and win first! XD

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