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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

   3 days untill schools end
Well, I have got a mess of new CSS codes from SetoKaibaFreak that I can promise you I am going to use. I also took the liberty of entering in her theme contest so you can expect a wicked D*N*Angel theme coming up sometime soon.

Anyways, I havenít had time to work on this weekís theme, because I still have no idea what I am going to do. Give me time to work on it and I will make it something good. *wink*

Rex: *pouts* I donít see why you posted all that stuff about me.

Me: Admin it, most girlís wounldnít even want to kiss you let alone anything else.

Rex: But Iím super hott and Iím a great duelist!

Bakura: Iím super hottÖ

Seto: And Iím a great duelist.

Marik: Yeah, your nothing but a little bug.

Rex: No that would be Weevil.

*Weevil pops up*

Weevil: Did someone say that I was hott?!

Me: NO!!! *kicks Weevil.* GET OFF MY SITE!!! *tosses Rex and Weevil off of site and into big crevice*

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