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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

   Marik, Bakura and Me...A conversation.
Sorry for not posting, I have been super busy.

Bakura: No you haven’t

Me: Yes I have.

Bakura: Yeah, RPing.

Me: See? I was busy.

Bakura: *rolls eyes*

Me: *frowns* Tell him Marik! *slaps Marik in the arm.*

Marik: *rubs arm* About what?

Me: About how busy I have been!

Marik: Rping?

Me: *sighs*

Bakura: HAHAH!!! See! You weren’t busy!

Me: Alright, but I have been making brushes in Photoshop to use on a new theme. So there. Now what do you have to say to that?

Bakura: ……

Marik: Ha! She got you there.

Bakura: *sneers* Oh Shut up!

Me: See! I APPLESEED brushes that I can stamp anywhere!!! *stamps floor. Stamps walls. Stamps Marik’s back and Bakura’s forehead.*

Marik: AH!!! What did you do to me!!! *tries to look at back* I already have enough markings back there!

Bakura: *looks in mirror and tries to rub of stamp* I hope this isn’t permanent…

Me: *looks at label on brush that says “permanent ink.”* *sheepish smile* Well, if it is permanent, I’m sure it will come off you skin eventually.


Bakura: *frowns* This had better come off!

Well, I had better go and find some baby oil or something to get that ink off. Later Guys!

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