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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

   The Hunt For Manga.
Well, I finally got my email back up and working. I did, however, have to delete it and get a new one. EhÖbut I got a cool email though and I go over most of my contacts from an old account I still had. Now that is cleared upÖ

If my mom isnít sick, I get to go out and get manga today! She had promised me that she would take me to the book store on Saturday and then we went out on Monday. We tried out two new book stores to see if they had what I wanted but they where a total bust. The first book store should be sued for misadvertising, because even though they had a few, nonfiction books, it was mostly a framing shop. The next book store was called WareHouse books and that was a total joke! Here is a huge book store, and they donít carry manga. The chick who was working there didnít even know what manga was! I think it is funny that it is the small corner bookstores that have the best stuff and the big ones have crud.

Even if I have to go during prime RPG time, I guess it is worth it to get my filling of D*N*Angel.

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