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Monday, May 9, 2005

Paradise ~Fanatic~
Since I unwillingly slept in today, I canít post very much so I will give you a very special treat by posting the English Translations to Kradís Song which you should be listing to right now. I had a different version of the translations (like the one I used on a Krad wallpaper that I made) but I found these ones which I think are a truer version of them. The lyrics, in fact, are quite creepy, but again, this is Krad we are talking about.

Paradise ~Fanatic~ (Krad's Theme)

Let me catch you in my trap
Here in this room without windows.
May you dye me in sin
Here in this supreme love.

With a sword of pleasure
I cut away my wings.

Both body and mind can melt together
In eternal paradise.
Dance in ecstasy,
And cry black tears.

If I could reach out, gladly
With that sweet pain.

I spread over you
the wings I tore away
And lie down with you.
Now, for the being who is so precious
Let me wear my cross.

I should set you free,
This overflowing desire,
Then, for the first time,
The chimes of blessing resound.

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