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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

   New Background & YGO Protest Group.
Hope you all like my new background. It adds a nice feel to the site and makes you think about Marik. I like the orange and purple text because it blends perfectly to Marik’s outfit and brings it all together.

Well, I have started sign ups for my YGO Protest Group. Because Cartoon Network is ticking off all the YGO fans for playing the first season again for the 6th time when they where in the middle of the second season. So members of this protest group will go and fill out a forum on the CN website asking for new Yu-Gi-Oh episodes and to continue the second season where it left off. I will even make a little button/banner thing for anyone who helps. Just PM me with you name and that you want to help and I will add you to our protest list.

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