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Sunday, August 22, 2004

   Another quiz....
A Yuugiou survey-type-thing....sorta
Who is your favorite character?:Yami Bakura
Why did u choose him/her?:They are both very hot.
Does he/she have any enemies?:Yami Yugi
Does he/she have any freinds?:Marik you could say....
Does he/she have a goldfish?:umm...no
If there was a plushie or ur fav.char.,but it was $100,how would u get it?:wait untill it is cheaper then go and buy it.
Is ur fav. character evil,good,what?:EVIL!!!
If you saw your favorite character, would you be a normal or rabid fan g/b?:Normal or rabid, it depends.
What is your favorite YGO theme song?:The Italian one.
Do you like Dr.Pepper? (i know its got nothing to do with this...):Yes
Do YOU hae a goldfish? Or just a fish?:no. my sister did, but it died some time ago.
Quick!You see Kaiba walking on the beach with some speedo's on.whatdoudo?:Tell him he is the best duelist that ever lived and then ask him to go on a date. Or maybe I would just run up and kiss him....
Well,are u glad this survey is done now? Or do u wish it was longer?:It could be longer... But I don't really care.

A YGO quiz thingy. brought to you by BZOINK!
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