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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

... *sips pop*

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Getting better...! Hurrah!
Totally have a few comic ideas... just too tired to draw that them (oh noes...). I have tomorrow off so I should have them on there by either tomorrow or Tuesday ( oh yays... lol).

That's it. Thursday is Thanksgiving; theres a "sign up sheet" at work for those who want to work on that day... ha ha ha. Totally stuffing my face and watching football ( I watch a lot of college football) and taking food to my boyfriend who unfortunatly has to work. Poor Wyatt.

That's all. Longer than I expected ^^

(if you like fanart, go to deviantART.com. It'll blow your mind...!
And while you're there go to mangamageblue.deviantart.com)

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

   Yay! Feeling a little better!
I'm just congested a little bit now; a lot better than yesterday.

The only thing I've been doing is sleeping ALL day yesterday and today (I didn't go to work yesteday and wasted another day off today... *sigh*)

My dad told me not to stay up all night even though I slept all day... I get headaches from sleeping too much. Not that I'm feeling better,I can get back to drawing comics! Plus he can't tell me what to do- I pay $100 a month for rent (at least I don't have a strict curfew... yay for the little things... but I have to be off the internet at midnight...*sigh*,... It's 12:05 lol)

The only highlights in these past two days- now this is sad- is talking to my boyfriend on IM and reading Beck on mangarooter.com. That's it. It's been a pretty pathetic couple of days.

I'm making pizza right now... I haven't had any real food or pop in forever; it's just been chicken noodle soup (a little bit), jello, and 7-up (no offense to 7-up drinkers; I just really love my dark pop. Pepsi and Dr.Pepper).
So now I'm making pizza and drinking pepsi.
That's all for now. See ya later! *waves*

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

*passes out; falls to floor and head begins to bleed severly*

(I feel miserable... I caught a cold). Can barely speak; it sucks.......

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

   Im calm now...
I just had to sleep on it for a while, but I'm as good as new ^^. I think another thing that helped trigger my anger was all the sugar I was consuming that night. Not good ^^'

So I uploaded a lot of new stuff. WELL... a lot of it was hidden on deviantART (it doesn't get "sunlight" there, if you know what I mean). I did do the Men Will Be Pigs comic this morning; and finished photoshopping the Dramacon one. I've got a bunch of ideas but I'm about to pass out right now (I've had 2 hours of sleep within the last... 28 hours lol).
The reason why I was up so much was because I slept in most of the day on Monday; which is my only day off until Friday (good thing I only had to work for 4 hours). I don't know; I think I might stay up for a little while longer. Get some manga work done...
That's all... thanks for reading my ranting! XD

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Monday, November 12, 2007

   A little tense...
*rips out hair* I knew I could handle the flaming from the antiyaoi comic; but once people start pouring their life story to me, I have to freakin draw the line. (Though not many people are going to see this entry) it's just making fun of all the yaoi that goes on it Naruto! Sure maybe it was a little much to put Jesus in there and maybe that's where people are getting the wrong idea but I never meant to really hurt people. (It's a comic... lighten up a little).
And I do love Jesus; I thought it would be a funny way to put him in comics but...
*sigh* I already told myself a million times I do not need to stress out about this; but people do need to kind of tone it down. I understand that people are gay/lesbian/ bisexual (I was a bit bi-curious in my youth before I found Jesus so I know how people feel; I don't want to sound like a hyprocrite now......... dammit there's no winning).

Maybe I'll just hide out on deviantART for a while... or just do comics that won't stir discention (I've got a couple planned out already....)

That's my complaining; sorry.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

   Like... OMGOSH- an actual post!
Uh-huh; I'm just wandering on the internet right now; bored, even though I've been working on a photoshop piece that is FAR from finished. I haven't been drawing comics lately, even though I have a ton of ideas... there's just been a lot on my mind. Stuff like when am I actually going to start on my feature length comic and stop being lazy (the most stuff I do for it is sketch little pictures when I'm bored at work....)
At this rate I'll never make it as a professional manga artist. I was going to participate in Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga competition (a "serious" comic; Wyatt, Wes and I are still sending in one for giggles and laughs... I'll explain later ;D).
Right now I just want to focus on actually working on a full length comic (even if it's only 30 to 40 pages long). Once I get accustomed to being a slave at drawing manga and develop my art style a little better, I'll go pro (if I make it)... There's no rush either; I'm young and fresh out of high school (though I am getting old too soon... I blame work T_T).

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Friday, August 3, 2007

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

So it doesn't seem that my fellow Mages are getting back together... Oh well, I am still the Blue Mage.
I haven't been posting anything on here lately; haven't been drawing much or been to a computer that has my cgi needs; but hopefully in the near future all of that will be changing; lately I've just been plotting and scripting my comic.
I'll do free commissions if anybody wants them- just say what you want and hopefully within the next month I'll get them on here.
So for now- sayonara.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

   New site...........
So I did have an old site called Ame Kumo; deleted it though, since I'm never on.
So why do I have this one? This will probably be my only entry in a while, but I thought I'd promote my artwork on here to get opinions (because it's rarely seen on deviantart). And this is my *ahem* "professinal name". I'm in a group called the Manga Mages (though we've been on hiatus for quite some time now) and hopefully we'll get back together in the future. If we don't; eh; I'm still fond of the title Blue Mage.
So farewell for now!

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