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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

   Merry Christmas!
And I still haven't finished Christmas shopping!
I refuse to go to the mall or even Wal-Mart (Wal-mart's scaring; I hate going there, especially around Christmas...).
Sorry I haven't got on much... I've been working a lot and stuff... I got a couple comics done; I'm still deciding whether or not to post them XP.
The reason is because I want all of my short comics to go into the anthology I wanted to start and I don't even have a cover page yet... I kinda do, but I decided I don't want chibis XD.
My deviantART site has them.
I have been drawing quite a bit; sketching a lot more... I read a comment saying that I should do series comics and one night I got this brilliant idea to do a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time spin off..
... instead of the original characters, they're going to my friends (I get to be Princess Zelda! XD).
My boyfriends going to be Link... the original purpose is because even though he's 20, he's already balding and has a beard. So him playing a child of Kokiri is going to be hilarious XD.
There's a lot more, but they're kind of inside jokes. That's the problem with comics; I do a lot of inside jokes that not a lot of people will get...
Well, that's all for now... See you later and have a Merry Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

... in the morning XD. I'm such a night owl. Might change my layout (AGAIN). I will never be satisified!

I have been drawing... I just haven't got stuff scanned in (lol). I've also been working a lot; I worked about 25 hours the past three days... another 8 tomorrow. It really sucks...

Yeah; I've been practicing my anatomy and I think I might be better at drawing guys than girls... I'll have to post some actual drawings on here sometime (chibis are cute; don't get me wrong, but I do other stuff as well! XD).

And if you want to get better at drawing anatomy, heres a tip: DON'T STUDY FROM OTHER ANIME!!! (or manga). It's better to learn the basics from realism (or even American comics! Because they have a lot more detail).

So... That's all for now. Bye! *waves*

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

   Yay; new layout!
I did have FLCL on here earlier (with Haruko) and then I found this picture; it's a map layout of Hyrule (from A Link to the Past).

That is all; enjoy the pimpin new background while I draw more comics!

(I gotta stop talking gangster) lol

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

   Just another random update
I think I might do another theme... I jumped from Eva to Fruba... now I want something else (always yearning for change).
So the good thing about the anthology series I want to do is I have a whole bunch of ideas written down on paper AND I just scanned in the cover page to be photoshopped (woot!). I found out today that I don't have to work tomorrow which will be cool... I just made plans with my boyfriend though (oh well...) I have Friday off too.
Hm... It's 12:24 am and I'm about to go to bed... this is too early for me lol. My boyfriend's making me though; through IM (lol).
That's all for an update; I posted a fanart piece, though its from an American made manga if you're interested. Not even photoshopped; just ink wash.

Peace ya'll (lol)

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Monday, December 10, 2007

It's a miracle... I managed to get today off from work so I finished a comic. I posted it; so it should be on soon... Later tonight I'll draw more.
Hope you enjoy this on ^^


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Saturday, December 8, 2007

   I don't wanna go to work!
Yesterday was my only day off until next Friday... and I spent it Christmas shopping!
I've been working on some stuff; photoshop is being gay so my comic is on hold for now. Pretty funny.
Not much else; just planning a series... or two :P.
See you around!

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

   Like wow; not much going on... my friend and I arent going to make it to church (on time).
Haven't been working on comics lately; I was watching the news on the mall shooting (that's actually near where I live! It's really scary).

Maybe more later... Ciao

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   Deviously Deviant
Herroh! Not much going on... Finally got another comic done. Not as funny; my boyfriend didn't care for it too much (lol). Usually if I can make him laugh it's something good. He also got really confused because I decided (since I've been reading a lot of manga) that I'd do it right to left (also that's how the idea appeared in my head; I couldn't go against that...).
Praise MyOtaku; because my deviantART site is pretty much dead (no one visits or comments on my artwork when I post). Usually the people I talk to on there are people... I talk to off of the web. *sigh*
Right now I'm just chillin; eating cold Subway and listening to some Pink Floyd (rockin with oldies... their 1970 album Atom Heart Mother... there are really weird names but it is psychadelic rock)Anyways...
I don't have much time anymore to do the comics I want; work has put me back on the 40hour a week/ six days a week schedule... and apparently a lot of people are quitting soon so it's going to be HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Better enjoy the precious time I have left... T_T
There's a lot of stuff I need to do. I want to start two series- one is the anthology of mini comics (basically what I usually do with a cover lol) and an actual story!!! What's really sad is I thought of the story about a year ago and I haven't done anything to it. I lost my zeal for it; but I don't want to give up on it. I don't know; it's kinda complicated.
That's all that's going on. My brother is invading my room playing Zelda (Majora's Mask) so I'm in the living room on the desktop.

That's all for now. Take care!

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Friday, November 30, 2007

It's been a while since I've been on here. Yeah... my brother and I totally slacked off on chores so we were banned from the computer for a week. We didn't mind; we thought it'd be good to stay off for a while and work on other stuff (while I could work on comics.).
HOWEVER. I didn't get anything done XD I'm not going to make it as a manga artist.
Um... I dyed my hair... it's still blonde on the top but the bottom is a dark mohagony (in other words, BLACK XD). It looks cool...
Don't have much; just working and other CRAZY stuff.
I think I might start a comic series on here soon (it'll just be an anthology of mini comics like I'm already doing; anthologies are better lol). Can't quite say what it is though!:P

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

   Happy Thanksgiving!
That's all; I just stuffed myself and am over-exerting myself with food... Gonna get fat...
Hopefully I'll have some artwork up by tomorrow; I don't have to work today.
That's all.

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