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"May our dreams allow us to achieve what reality does not allow us to dream."

Hello, my name is Mimi and I used to be AnimeGrl 101 on Otaku. I'm an irrational dreamer filled with silly thoughts on the inside. I'd love to be your friend if you'll be mine so feel free to add me. ^.^

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Okay... I take back what I said about Valentines. It's not COMPLETELY horrid, I'm just disturbed by all the emotions in the air. It's like you can't breathe through all the love. Plus the random admirers are annoying -.-
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Saturday, February 2, 2008

12 days till Valentines Day and already people are going loopey. Sadly, I'm in charge of organizing a dance that I most likely not going to attend. I don't understand it... why does everyone get so ga ga around this time. If you want to show someone how much you love them, you should do it everyday and not just on one occasion. Idk, maybe it's just me being annoyed by the extra amount of PDA going on. *sigh*
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Saturday, January 26, 2008

   Fairest Adored
Today I went to a solo singing competion!!! The song I sang is called Alma Del Core and it's in Italian. At first I didn't really believe I would do so well, but I guess I was wrong ^^
The judges rate you on a scale of 1-5. 1 being the best and 5 being the worst. Amazingly, I got a 1!!!! Haha I'm very happy right now since most of the people from my school got 2s and 3s ^^ It was a good day.

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