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Konnichiwa! This is Kyoko! This site is for all the Malice Mizer fans! ^.^ Malice Mizer is an awesome band.....well was...they band had split up in 2002 or 2003. I'll look it up later! Well Please enjoy!


Gardenia my favorite Malice Mizer song

Wednesday, June 6, 2007



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How is everyone? I haven't updated this site in soo long! Gah! I still have this strange thing for the song Gardenia! It's my ex-girlfriends and my song! But I still love her and the song! Gah! ^.^ Yeah....It still love her...ever though I am all about Chastity....I love my other one too! Alot of you know her...but I am not saying who because...well I promised not to tell anyone she was bi! But any~Yoo~WHO~ ^.^ Gah! I am soo bored! I am in love! I love Chastity! Gah! I love Malice Mizer! I love the song Gardenia! Oh Chastity was sooo sweet. She knows how much I love Gardenia and bought me a candle and some soap and other things that smelt like Gardenia! ^.^ Aww and she bought me Gardenia flowers! ^/./^ Aww I am in LOVE! Well I am going to go!

LOVe ya!

Gardenia...my sweet darling, deep in your cherib's eyes I see Everything I ever held dear to me I'll take you somewhere new with me, and together we'll always be Enfolded in my arms so gently...I'll never let go

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