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Hello, you can call me Mali. My favorite animes are
Naruto, Wolf's Rain, Elfen Lied Lucy!!!! n_n, Evangelion, Sakura Card Captor, Pokemon and Final fantasy vii ^_^. You can sign my guestbook so I sign yours. Hope we can be good friends. You can PM anytime you want also if you're bored. See you later. Bye

Friday, August 3, 2007

   Hello everybody!
Hello to all!! How have u been?? I havent been here in a while, but i have been a little busy. My friend has made an account and she's new here, so please visit her site. Her username is Angel.of.Death she's very nice^^ and she draws really good^^ yay!!! Please add her as a friend, comment on her drawings and sign her guestbook, and if u want PM her. Thanks!!!
See ya later!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

   Elfen lied
How many people like Elfen Lied??
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Sunday, October 22, 2006

   I'm pissed of!!!!
I passed to junior high school and I'm in a new school (is one of the best junior high schools of my country, but unfortunately it's only of girls.) I really miss my friends of the primary and when the grade was going to finish they didn't stop bothering me that I would become... when girls like girls, also called... LESBIAN!!!!!!!!!!! That really bother me, but I just ignored them. I started liking the singers TATU, and they're suppose lesbians and my friends started to bother me more!!! I had a really good friend that I send her an ecard that said: perphaps because were now on junior high school we're going to be busier and I can't see you any more. It had passed like 3 months since I haven't see her and one day I enter to my email and she wasn't online and i entered to another and she was online!!!! i told her why did she erase me and she told me: "I don't know what r u talking about, since u leave primary u becoma really strange" and she erased me from her budy list. I send her an email telling her that they become me like this cuz all the troubles i get being in a school for girls, and she told me: soo ur lesbian!!!!! and she told all my friends of the primary and i'm soo sad and angry, i don't know what to do. *cry in a dark corner* can someone help me please??
thank u!!! n_n

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Monday, September 18, 2006

   Elfen Lied hub!!!
Yeah!!! The otaku finally made a hub for elfen lied!!! ^_^ I'm very happy because now i can submit my wallpapers and fanart to the elfen lied hub and not to the miscellanous!!!!! ^_^ n_n Elfen lied is a very good anime, I really like it!!! n_n
well see ya later.

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Hello, how are you?? I'm making request if someone wants one just PM and tell me which character and of which anime. hope you like it. n_n ^_^
see ya later.

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